enlightened gene cover In 32 years at Emory, Arri has taught a diversity of courses to undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, physicians and other professionals in science.  He teaches biology, teaching, bioethics, research ethics, and interdisciplinary workshops and courses on such topics as addiction, cancer, mind and body, consciousness, and death and dying.  Arri has taught and published in the peer-reviewed literature with religion scholars, chemists, philosophers, historians, psychologists, Buddhist monks, physicists, nurses, and ethicists.

With Yungdrung Konchok, Arri wrote The Enlightened Gene: Biology, Buddhism, and the Convergence that Explains the World.  And with David Westmoreland, he wrote The Living Staircase, an introductory biology textbook designed to supplement the big, fat intro texts.  Centered on the core themes of biology, the book provides a conceptual framework for the overwhelming facts intro students must learn.

As co-director of the the Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching, Arri has taught and mentored over 200 post-doctoral fellows in how to teach since 2000.  The alumni of this program (50% African-American and 70% women) are now science researchers and educators across the country.

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